The Fairfax Street Choir

In the early seventies a new group of young people emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area that were bound together by New Age values and music. The group was born in Fairfax, Marin County, CA in June of 1972 and was started by Marla Hunt Hanson. It came to be known as THE FAIRFAX STREET CHOIR. Throughout the years the Street Choir has been celebrated in books and featured on podcasts. They have participated in festivals and sung at various Churches. They  were chosen for auditory performances in the Ken Burns PBS Country Music Documentary of 2019, and here on the Choralis Records website they have put out two CDs of their beautiful music.

The Fairfax Street Choir - Train To Glory

The first release in 2013 by the Fairfax Street Choir, a legendary inspirational group from the 70's, known for their original new age music, rock and roll, and traditional gospel. If you want to lift your spirits, this is the CD that will do it. Featured artists are Laura Allen, Jack Kane, Marla Hunt Hanson, Hosanna Bauer, Bill Bramblett, and Bill Craig.


The Fairfax Street Choir - Let Your Light Guide You Home

The second release in 2019 by the Fairfax Street Choir offers a collection of incredibly diverse songs making for a beautiful and fascinating album. Featured artists are Marla Hunt Hanson, Bill Champlin, Hosanna Bauer, Kira Thelin, Cathy Hudnall, Julie Stafford, Pat Craig, Diane Vitalich, Laura Allen, Tealy Gapinski, Bill Bramblett, David Carlson, and Bill Craig.