The Fairfax Street Choir - Train to Glory


The first release by the Fairfax Street Choir, a legendary inspirational group from the 70's, known for their original new age music, rock and roll, and traditional gospel. If you want to lift your spirits, this is the CD that will do it. Featured artists are Laura Allen, Jack Kane, Marla Hunt Hanson, Hosanna Bauer, Bill Bramblett, and Bill Craig.

"Train To Glory" Clip

"Gather Together" Clip

"We've Got To Find Ourselves A Way" Clip

"Feel What's Right" Clip

"Four Ravens" Clip

"Will The Circle Be Unbroken" Clip

"Smilin' Makes Your Wrinkles Go Away" Clip

"I Don't Want To Fade Away" Clip

"Don't It Look Like Home To You" Clip

"You Don't Knock" Clip

"Here In My Heart" Clip

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