Just Invoke the 33rd


These original songs by Billy Bramblett were recorded in 2011. This CD is an expression of a life-long journey, with songs of love, comfort, political satire, humor, observation, longing, and more. Great players including Rusty Gautier, R.J. Franco, Herman Eberitzch, Walter Bankovitch, Dennis Desjardin, the Baby Boomers, and Bill Craig.

1. "Negative Reinforcement" Clip

2. "The HOT" Clip

3. "Tell Me It's Not A Dream" Clip

4. "Stoney Stroll" Clip

5. "What Key?" Clip

6. "The 33rd Amendment" Clip

7. "Blue FOIA" Clip

8. "Tofunction" Clip

9. "Sign Me Up for the Organic Rebellion" Clip

10. "Get The Feelin' Every Day" Clip

11. "Too Beautiful for Words" Clip

12. "Where's the Time?" Clip

13. "Peace (for Frances)" Clip