Funny Peculiar


Rob Moitoza's new offering! Rob describes this CD as "It's very "Yellow Submarine-ish" with a little more bizarre Moitoza humor. Kind of a "Music for the inner child" or ""Ear cartoons for adults" kind of thing."

1. "Phineas B. Thorndike's Watermelon De-Seeding Machine" Clip

2. "Building A Fire" Clip

3. "M. C. Neptune " Clip

4. "Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh" Clip

5. "Planting Roses" Clip

6. "Get Some" Clip

7. "Why Do I Feel Like That?" Clip

8. "Take A Vacation " Clip

9. "Yang Dang" Clip

10. "Can't You Read The Sign? " Clip

11. "Expanding Mansion " Clip

12. "Down In The Valley " Clip

13. "Hate Song " Clip

14. "Old Guys Do It " Clip